The Complete Guide to Thyroid Health

Do any of these sound familiar?


Your blood work looks normal but and the doctor says you don’t have a thyroid problem but you have the symptoms?




Your blood work looks normal but you still have symptoms even on the drugs?


or how about this one…


“You’re crazy… its all in your head… you need an antidepressants”


If any of those sound familiar or you want solutions to a thyroid problem then this blog is for you.



The bottom line is you have to get to the CAUSE of the thyroid dysfunction if you want to get well. And in order to do that YOU HAVE TO RUN THE RIGHT TESTS IF YOU EVER WANT TO GET WELL AND FEEL WELL.



An Epidemic


Its estimated that 27 million Americans have thyroid conditions. That makes Thyroid conditions the #1 endocrine disorder in the U.S.A with over 27 million Americans effected! For some perspective diabetes only effects about 16 million. The craziest part is that only half have been diagnosed.-That means 50% have symptoms and do not know what is wrong! Based on these statistics more than 12% of the US population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime with most of these being hypothyroidism. The statistics show that roughly:


80% of thyroid conditions are in women

80% of those conditions have hypothyroidism.

80% of hypothyroid cases are autoimmune


Symptoms most frequently include the following: weight gain, fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair loss, brain fog, and constipation. Its been estimated that 50% of depression cases are linked to thyroid dysfunction as the cause.



Drugs aren’t the solution if you want to get healthy and get your life back. The truth is that the standard thyroid treatment of hormone replacement therapy actually burns out the thyroid out faster.,d.eWE&cad=rja


Picture of study


I talk with clients all the time about the law of “If You Don’t Use It You Lose It”. J If you don’t use your muscles, they atrophy, the same rule applies here and that’s what the research shows. As you use the thyroid drugs it actually causes the body to decrease production over time leading to full blown hypothyroidism! Its technically called a negative feedback loop. Beyond that the pharmaceutical model is 50 years old and hasn’t changed with any of the new research. Why do you ask? Because they haven’t been able to invent a new drug to give you yet. However there are solutions to the causes of these thyroid problems!



Thyroid Myths




Conventional Treatment for Thyroid problems like Synthroid, Levoxyl, Armour are the only answer.


Truth #1


80% of the time the drugs helps a little or not at all and obviously doesn’t fix the condition


80% of hypothyroid cases are auto-immune and these types of cases don’t respond to pharmaceuticals Doctors don’t check for auto-immune diseases because their treatment is the same no matter the outcome.


Myth #2


“Your blood work is fine and so are you.”


Truth #2


Most doctors evaluate your condition ONLY on “gold standard” TSH blood marker. They use a normal range of 0.5 - 5.5.


NO studies have been published demonstrating that you have healthy thyroid function when your TSH is within normal range


Published studies actually say levels over 2 can indicate problem, even auto-immune disease.


Normal Ranges vs Optimal Ranges


This is big!


Normal ranges are the ranges that the doctor looks at an appear on the testing you have had done in the past. They look like this:



This is one of the reasons why your tests might be “normal” but you don’t feel well. Normal values are meant to keep you alive NOT to keep you healthy, well, at an ideal body weight, feeling great, full of energy, etc., etc., etc.


Optimal levels are the ranges you want to use if you want to be healthy, at an ideal body weight, pain free, feeling great.

I’ve created this free Normal Ranges VS Optimal Ranges Report laying out what your levels should be so you can compare some of them to the tests you may have had done. Get it now:



The body has amazing ability to heal


Before we dive in to what those solutions are you have to know deep down in your psyche that the body has an amazing innate inborn ability to heal itself. The goal is to work with the body by removing what is blocking the healing or give it what it needs so it can do the healing. Just like a cut on your arm would heal or a broken bone would heal, your heal condition CAN HEAL! Till the day you die your body every second of every day is trying to heal you. Its creating millions of new cells every second. So if a cut on your arm would heal, and a broken bone would heal then why isn’t your thyroid healing? Your missing something you need or something is blocking the healing.





As we look at causes all of these causes of thyroid problems it is important to remember that inflammation is the by product of all these causes. The name of thyroid disease is THYROIDITIS, lets break that word down. “itis” is defined as “inflammation of” so the disease THYROIDITIS literally means inflammation of the thyroid.  Two quotes for you to see that inflammation drives the disease process of not only the thyroid but many disease processes.


“When inflammation becomes chronic rather than transitory… the body turns on itself — with after effects that seem to underlie a wide variety of diseases.”

–      Time Magazine February 23 2004


Inflammation is part of our maintenance and repair system. Without it, we can’t heal.


“Inflammation seems to underlie not just senescence (deterioration with age) but all the chronic illness that often come along with it: diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's, heart attack, cognitive function decline, premature aging and even cancer to an extent.”

– Health Magazine




One of main causes of auto-immune conditions can be coming from a leaky gut. Leaky  gut is a condition in which holes punctured in your intestines leading to food and bile leaking out in to other body cavities. In order to clean up and prevent infection the body creates and sends white blood cells to the area. Over time this creates a hyperactive immune system that is creating white bloods cells for not just possible infections but also the foods you are eating. This is where many food sensitivities come from.


The other culprit could be dysbiosis which is a fancy word that means an overgrowth of bad bacteria and an undergrowth of good bacteria. This happens most often from the over use of antibiotics. Some bacterial strains we are given one time at birth from our mother and if destroyed by antibiotics they must be replaced. Many of these are not available through products you’ll find in the store. You need to test and then target the replacement. I always say


Picture – “Don’t guess if the treatment will work. Test and know if will work.”


Conversion Problems and Missing Nutrients


Your thyroid problem could also be that you hormones aren’t converting properly. One common problem is that the conversion of T4 in to T3 happens in the liver! So everything could be working properly but if you liver is clogged or struggling then your liver won’t be able to convert 100% of the T4 hormone to T3.




As you can see there is a complicated hormone control relay that creates the hormones you need to feel good and be healthy. If you are missing or deficient in a co-factor, vitamin, mineral or enzyme then your body won’t make the conversion. This could be why your tests are off.


Selenium is a great example of a nutrient that could be missing that is affecting your thyroid hormones.  It is used by key enzymes involved in pathways that the body uses to make and use thyroid hormones. It is also used by the immune system to stay healthy. The research says there is a link between selenium deficiencies and auto-immune thyroid problems.


Foods high in selenium

  • Brazil nuts
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Cooked halibut
  • Canned sardines
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Boneless turkey
  • Beef liver
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Spinach




Genes make you who you are. Every second of every day genes are turning on and turning off creating everything more hormones, energy, cells, hair, etc. Genes are the blue prints to making you, you. Current breakthroughs in genetic research have given us a new way of understanding how our genes actually work.


Some diseases are 100% genetic because something is missing or present in the genetic code. Diseases like Cystic Fibrosis,




Mental / Emotional Stress


Due to a cascade of stress hormone, cortisol, after an emotionally charged event the body can weaken to the point that it can’t recover without some intervention. Many clients I work with often have significant symptoms start after a bad divorce, losing a job or worse, losing a loved one. These emotional stresses MUST BE DEALT WITH if you want to get better. You have to escape the chronic stress of negative thinking which creates a chronic fight or flight response. Your body was only meant to be in that right or flight mode for so long. It want live in that state for long without sacrificing in other areas.


I recommend seeing a professional trained in grief counseling that will help facilitate healing and reconciliation. Avoid doctors that just want to write a prescription for the symptoms. Remember drugs don’t fix anything, they just cover up the symptom.


Physical Stress


Physical stress comes from damage to the nerve system. Car accidents, bad pillows, poor ergonomics at work, even the birth process can cause lasting damage to the spinal cord and nerves that weaken the bodies ability to run control and heal that area. 


If you want to heal and recover properly then you have to make sure the life force in your brain is getting to all areas of the body. My recommendation is to get an x-ray from a credible corrective care chiropractor and fix your spine to ensure full healing capacity.

Check these websites for a doctor close to you:


1st Choice

2nd Choice

3rd Choice


Hormone Receptor Problem


For MANY people this is the cause of the problem! If your blood work is normal it could be that you really do have ALL THE HORMONES YOU NEED BUT they can’t get in to the cell! Receptors on the cell are destroyed or clogged by the toxins we will discuss below. If you don’t repair the receptor or unclog it then you will never feel better or get better.


Toxins / Poisons


The #1 cause of inflammation & thyroid problems are toxins often synthetic chemicals created by man in the last 75 years. In 2009 the CDC report on Total Body Burden showed that it measured 219 chemicals in people’s blood or urine. 75 of those had never seen before.

There have been many documentaries on the subject however I really like the one CNN did called TOXIC AMERICA. Watch this short video quickly:


Douglas M. Costle, Administrator of the EPA is quoted stating,

“Of all of man’s interventions in the natural order, non is accelerating quite so alarmingly as the creation of chemical compounds… There is, however, a price to pay for an industrial society that has come to rely so heavily on chemicals: almost 35,000 of those used in the USA are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being either definitely or potentially hazardous to human health.” 

This is due to toxins not only cause inflammation of the cell membrane but also interfering with the thyroid receptors and certain toxins can bind to the receptors blocking the hormone and drive an autoimmune response. Many studies have confirmed certain toxins are the main culprits.  We refer to these as the Toxic Top 5.


“Thyroid Toxic Top 5 Report” as download




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