The Brain Washing Of The American Culture

By Dr. Matthew McAlees

I just wanted to share with you a newsletter I wrote for the Maximized Living’s Doctors Forum.

I am inspired to write this because it seems like everyday my eyes are more open to the systems of this world that keep people sick and usher them towards death at an ever increasing rate.

“Save a life today, save the world tomorrow.” Almost sounds like one of our mottos of “Save a life today, save the galaxy tomorrow.” however these words were uttered this week on American Idol as they held a telethon of sorts to raise money to help people all over the world. American Idol talking about saving the world?!? Really? How? Saving the world for us is nothing less than the mission of (ML) our life, the only problem with American Idol’s means to help the sick suffering people around the world was drugs, lots and lots of drugs.

Now American Idol is the #1 show on TV, which means that our patients, our families, the students I go to school with most likely sat down to watch AI. The problem was the message that was repeatedly thrown at them for 2 and 1/2 hours was drugs are the answer lots and lots of drugs, interspersed with always constant drug ads, Coke ads, hospital ads, insurance company ads and fast food ads all design to keep people in bondage to the things that are going rob them of life, health and the joy they were designed to have and experience daily.

If AI is telling people to save the world one person at a time with one drug at a time then HOW MUCH LOUDER, LONGER, MORE INTENSELY do we have to TEACH THE PRINCIPLE OF CHIROPRACTIC AND MAXIMIZED LIVING? Above-down inside-out is the only way to heal. The body is designed to heal itself and we have to start working with that power rather than against it. ARE YOU?

Medicine is about death and what makes people die.

Chiropractic is about life and what makes people live.

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