Personal Testimonials


Lori suffered with migraine headaches for 30 plus years!! Now under care, she is 30 days headache free!


In Meghan's own words: 'Down 40 lbs this year, crazy improvement in my X-rays & I have never felt better & I am 20 away from my goal weight!'


Jonquil is two and a half months seizure free and off of two more of her medications. That's the kind of healing that occurs when you take pressure off of the nervous system!


Zachary has gotten off Ritalin since being under care and he is so excited! FREEDOM!!!


After 4 adjustments, June's atrial fibrillation is GONE! She said 'I was wondering if I would be as happy as the people I watched coming and going at the office. And I AM!!!' Maximized Living!


Barbara's blood pressure has been between 170-180 and after only weeks under care it has dropped in the 120's!


Since being under care, Emmy is happier and doesn't throw fits or tantrums. Because if the 5 Essentials, Emmy won't have to experience depression, anxiety or sickness that many women today face! Her potential is now limitless!


Jodi, after only 2 weeks under care is already getting off her meds!!


Carol is now off her blood pressure, cholesterol & allergy meds and has lost 14 lbs since being under #maximizedliving care!


Due to his underdeveloped kidneys, Colt's nephrologist said that it was a miracle that he is able to sit up now and even eat. Not a miracle, just allowing the power that God put inside his little body to function & heal!


Ana couldn't even remember how long she has been on these meds... NO MORE!!


Bill & Ann came excited to tell Dr. Brandi that she is completely off her Prevacid for the first time in 10 years!!


We are so proud of this beautiful wife & mother of 3! She has taken control of her family's health & has lost 25 lbs & still going!


Normally by this time of year, my eyes are red & my head is throbbing. NOT ANYMORE!' - Rick


Patients are daily ditching their meds they no longer need!


Cheryl was told 5 years ago that she would be taking blood pressure meds for the rest of her life... THEN she got under care... Now she no longer needs them!!


A diligent mom who no longer lives w/ migraines, makes getting her children in the office twice a week before school, a BIG priority!


Donna, since being under care, no longer has stomach problems, has lost 24lbs & wakes up feeling good everyday! Love you Donna!!


Kaileen, before Maximized Living, couldn't take long trips in a car without a back brace. NOW, she just got back from driving to Miami without the brace & more importantly without the pain!!


11 yr old Cameron said 'I've been taking you for 5 yrs & I don't need you anymore!'


'I've been under care for 3 months and have dropped 2 pant sizes!' -Jeff


Shannon off her asthma meds!


Was on 2 allergy shots a week, allergy pills, (2) nose sprays, & birth control. No longer needs ANY of it AND is down 20 lbs!


Check out Isaac, off meds & doing so good in school! Throwing these pills away has been an BIG goal 4 him!

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